From the recording Colores

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A Time for Rainbows

Today it’s going to rain
and the grey skies are forming
and I know that things have
been so hard
There’s an empty place here today
where has the laughter gone
things will never feel the same
but life keeps going on
Keep looking for those rainbows
through the rain

It’s time to open the windows
It’s time to celebrate blue skies
And put the mirrors back up
on the wall
It’s time to look for a lost smile
Get out under the sun a while
And learn to jump without
fear of a fall

It hurts to reach for someone
you know won’t be there
To be halfway home
when you have to start again
But like a river life keeps changing
and it always finds its way
I’d say you’re past due some exchanging
some blue skies for these grey
Keep looking for those rainbows
through the rain